Pupstart Family Dog Training

Training Philosophy

First, do no harm.

  • Never make an animal afraid of you.

  • Nothing done in the name of training should lead to confusion, physical discomfort, or undue stress for dogs or their humans.

Know your species.

  • English is your dog's second language.

  • There's no need to show physical dominance over your dog or emit some type of psychic "energy" to get your dog to "listen" to you.

  • Repeating commands over and over while raising your voice is not training.

  • Training by itself will not resolve undesirable behavior if your dog's physical, social, and emotional needs are not met.

Training is done with a dog, not to a dog.

  • Every client is able to and happy to carry out the training plan.

  • Your dog can be trained through everyday interactions as well as brief, frequent training sessions.

  • All techniques and tools used will be efficient and effective yet enjoyable for the dog and every member of its human family.

    • If you're using a chain or prong collar now, you'll learn about new equipment and techniques that work even better.

  • Collars emitting electronic corrections ("shock collars") or vibration are not used during training or behavior modification with your pet. (Electronic collar corrections are referred to as "just like a tap on the shoulder," "e-touch," "stim," "nic," and "static.")

“Force has no place where there is need of skill.” – Herodotus, Greek historian & traveler (484 BC - 430 BC)

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