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As of 07/24/22, Pupstart is taking new clients via veterinary referral only. 

If your veterinarian referred you, we'd start with a Zoom Initial Consult, then continue with remote training or move to in-home visits when needed. Please complete the form.

If you are a past client, please complete this form.

Follow the Facebook Group for fresh insights into dog training and behavior.

If you have a new puppy or are struggling with housetraining, click here! I've provided excellent content on training new puppies from two YouTube channels: Kikopup and Training Positive.

For in-home training, I recommend Sheila Williams Dog Training or Knox Canine Training. Canine Craze in Urbandale and Knox Canine Training in northeast Des Moines offer group classes.

Thank you for stopping by to consider Pupstart for your dog training and behavior consulting needs.

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