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New Puppy Visits cover housetraining, scheduling, nipping, biting, chewing, and how to set up the environment for success with children and other animals. (More info below.) They're available now remotely with Zoom. In-person visits are booking for mid-February.

Remote consults are billed at $40/half-hour. Plan on one hour. You'll be invoiced via Square and you can pay with a credit card. The in-person rate is $95/hour. Plan on 90 minutes to two hours. Pay with cash, check with photo ID, or credit card.

Go to the Contact pagetell me about your puppy, and let me know how I can help.

Have a new puppy? Civilize that wild thang now!

Your most time-sensitive job is socializing. This cannot wait. Learn more about why socializing is so urgent. Find out how to do it.


Set aside 90 minutes to two hours to learn the latest and easiest ways to get your puppy behaving the way you want. A New Puppy Visit is an excellent option if you've never had a puppy before or if it's been a while since you've had a puppy. During our time together, you'll learn how to:

  • Get your puppy housetrained quickly

  • Stop nipping and biting and get that puppy chewing and playing nicely

  • Prevent behavior problems before they have a chance to start

  • Gentle your puppy for handling, petting, and playing

  • Start training SIT and COME WHEN CALLED

  • Create a plan to feed, confine, exercise, play with, and socialize your puppy

Plan on spending $142.50 to $190.00 for a New Puppy Visit. 


$270 (3-pack) or $340 (4-pack)

It's a puppy class for your family right in your home! Why wait for bad habits to start? You can teach a young puppy all the basics! Receive a discount when purchasing a package of sessions in advance. Scheduling is very flexible and includes Sunday afternoon or evening. Pupstart provides ongoing support during and after Family Coaching. Sessions purchased within a package are longer than one hour. Pupstart remains available during and after these visits for support throughout your dog's life.


I come to your home and work with you and your puppy on an as-needed basis at $95/hour after the New Puppy Visit.

(not offered during the pandemic)
$500/week (two-week minimum)

Pupstart begins your puppy's manners training to support you with private tutoring in your home. You can be home or at work during this training. Commonly desired skills: COME, SIT, LIE DOWN, OFF, DOWN/STAY and SIT/STAY WAIT, KENNEL UP, LEAVE IT, and DROP IT and beginning walking nicely on leash. Sessions take place daily four days per week. Throughout the process, you'll be updated frequently. We'll meet together once weekly to make the training "stick." You will be living with the dog; it will be up to you to practice going forward. Day training sessions are always longer than an hour. You can choose an option for a third week to include social "field trips" away from home to practice your pup's skills off your property. Pupstart remains available during and after this program option for support throughout your dog's life.


Pupstart takes cash, checks with photo ID or credit card via Square. Click here to contact PUPSTART and get started today.

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