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Have a new puppy? Civilize that wild thang now! 

Get the potty training on track, stop the biting and nipping, and get some sleep!

Did you know that socialization of a dog does not mean "socializing?" Socialization is not just going to the veterinarian, bringing the dog along to soccer games, or walking around the immediate neighborhood. Read up on socialization here so you can ensure your pup has pleasant experiences, isn't overwhelmed by new the situations, and you know how to recognize signs of stress or fear. Believe it or not, this is your most time-sensitive task. It cannot wait


Set aside 90 minutes to two uninterrupted hours to learn the latest and easiest ways to get your puppy to behave the way you want. A New Puppy Visit is an excellent option if you've never had a puppy before or if it's been a while since you've had a puppy. During our time together, you'll learn how to:

  • Get your puppy housetrained quickly.

  • Stop nipping and biting and get that puppy chewing and playing nicely.

  • Prevent behavior problems before they have a chance to start.

  • Gentle your puppy for handling, petting, and playing. (In-person visits only.)

  • Start training SIT and COME WHEN CALLED. (In-person visits only.)

  • Create a plan to feed, confine and contain, exercise, play with, and socialize your puppy.

  • Set up for success with children and other animals.

  • Get more sleep!

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