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Training Resources

The American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior weighs in on choosing a dog trainer.
Find out the latest info on what dominance is and how it applies to dog training.

If your dog didn't read the chapter in the book that "all dogs love crates because they are den animals," this great instruction from the late Dr. Sophia Yin is for you! Some dogs cannot handle being left alone or isolated in any way. Safe confinement is used when you cannot supervise, not as a punishment! A crate is not the only way.

Read this page and follow the guidelines in the green box to the right. This is how you "vaccinate" a puppy against future social problems. Do not skip this: it is time-sensitive!
Here are the developmental milestones of your puppy, just like you've read about for your human child. Dogs are not humans - they're developmental periods are measured in weeks rather than months and years - but they still have sensitive periods that we need to know about in order to prevent future behavior problems.
This book can be downloaded free as a .pdf for free by signing up at DogStarDaily. You can read it from the website under "Raising a Puppy," downloading it from Kindle, or buying a hard copy. This is the most comprehensive, easy-to-digest guide to raising a puppy available.
Training is a learning experience for both of you.

Potty Training/Crate Training/Housetraining Difficulties

Quick tips for your puppy!

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