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Using a Kong Wobbler as a Food Dispensing Toy

My energetic puppy got breakfast, mental stimulation, a natural outlet for scavenging behavior, and was able to settle down to chew bones and then take a nap. Feed meals from food dispensing puzzle toys! You can get Kong Wobblers at your local retailer, Chewy.com, or on Amazon.


Advanced Kong Stuffing for the Discriminating Chewer

The use of Classic Kongs to feed your puppy - or dog - is another way you can provide mental stimulation to your dog. More info on why you'd want to do this comes from the I Love Your Dog blog. Most of these toys are dishwasher safe, too. And yes, they do get it all out! If your dog is new to eating out of Kongs, the videos below will help you get started. Make sure you are not overfeeding. Introduce unfamiliar foods carefully. 


Kongs for Beginners by Eileen Anderson of eileenanddogs


Intermediate Kongs by Eileen Anderson of eileenanddogs


Take 4-1/2 Minutes to Learn how dogs "see" through their noses!

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