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Complete Guide to Puppy Training

Emily Larlham from Kikopup gives invaluable lessons on what to train puppies when you first get them, and how to do it.

What "socialization" really is.

It's time-sensitive and critical, especially during the pandemic and with winter almost here. If you cannot get into a puppy class, you can still do it. Please do not take your puppy to a dog park. Your puppy needs pleasant - not overwhelming - experiences with all kinds of other people of every age group, other animals, sights, sounds, and surfaces.

How to socialize

Now that you know what it is, now you can learn how.

Setting Up a Pen for Your Puppy by Emily Larlham of Kikopup

Emily is the owner of the Kikopup YouTube channel for all things puppy. This video gives you the "how to's" of training house manners by setting up a pen in your home as a short-term confinement area. A pen can be used when you're home but are unable to closely supervise. Actively supervising a puppy is key to preventing bad habits that are frustrating, expensive, and dangerous! No one sets out to make housetraining take forever. And no one wants to allow their new pup to ruin their carpets, or demolish their furniture, cabinetry, and woodwork. Pens are an alternative to using gates or crates (by themselves) and they are my recommended option for open house plans. As you can see, you can also help a puppy get used to a crate while inside a pen. Here's another video from Emily on proven strategies to acclimate your puppy to a pen.

Kongs for Beginners by Eileen Anderson of eileenanddogs

Eileen is a great teacher and writer. She provides guidance here on getting your puppy or dog "into" eating out of a food-dispensing toy. Don't give up on using a Classic Kong! Learn from the best!  If your dog is new to eating out of Kongs, these videos will help you get started. Make sure you are not overfeeding and please introduce unfamiliar foods carefully. Don't use peanut butter with xylitol, a sweetener that is fatal to dogs when ingested. A little peanut butter goes a long way. Peanut butter is high-fat and full of sugar. I like to use a swipe of peanut butter or fat-free cream cheese frozen in Kong for a naptime pacifier.

Intermediate Kongs by Eileen Anderson of eileenanddogs

Eileen takes you to the next level!

Advanced Kong Stuffing for the Discriminating Chewer

Use re-useable food-dispensing toys like Kongs and the West Paw line to feed your puppy meals. The West Paw toys shown are the Tux and the Toppl. This is one of the best ways to provide mental stimulation and let your dog engage in its natural behavior of hunting, scavenging, and dissecting. Most of these toys are dishwasher safe, too. And yes, they do get it all out if you stuff it right! If your dog is new to eating out of Kongs, the videos below will help you get started. Make sure you are not overfeeding. Introduce unfamiliar foods carefully. 

Take 4-1/2 Minutes to Learn how dogs "see" through their noses!

Dr. Alexandra Horowitz will open YOUR eyes to how your dog experiences the world.

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